Euromillions Lottery

The EuroMillions Lottery is a cross-European Lotto originally launched in February 2004 by Francais des Jeux, Loterias y Aspestas del Estado and the UK National lottery operator. France, Spain and the United Kingdom were initially the only countries involved in this EuroMillions lottery but thay have since been joined by Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Ireland Switzerland and Portugal. The draws for the EuroMillions Lottery take place each Tuesday and Friday evening in Paris and produce some of the biggest lump-sum lottery jackpots in the world. Further euromillions results can be found here.

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Euromillions Lottery

Friday 7th Aug 2015

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Buying Euromillions Lottery Tickets

There are four main ways to play the European lottery game, EuroMillions. This European Lottery offers you the choice on using a single or multiple playslip, a lucky dip or playing online. If you buy lottery tickets online you are using the most secure method as you do not have the risk of losing or mislaying your lottery tickets and missing out on a substantial win.

The single playslip for the EuroMillions lottery has six pairs of main and lucky star boards.  By using this method you can make between one and six entries by selecting five numbers on the main game panel and two numbers on the  lucky star panel. If you want to play the same numbers for consecutive draws, the EuroMillions allows you to do this by selecting a box. You can pay and play up to 10 games in advance and hopefully match those Euromillions Winning Numbers!

The multiple playslip for the Euromillions lottery is completely different. It has only one pair of boards, but  allows you to play more lottery numbers  if you wish for an additional cost. You can play 6, 7, 8, 9 or 10 numbers from the main panel and anything between 2 and all 9 numbers from the lucky star panel. Just like single payslip, a multiple payslip can be used to enter up to ten draws in advance.

If you choose the lucky dip option, which is where a machine is used to randomly select your lottery numbers for you, a playslip is not required.  A lucky dip lottery ticket for Euromillions lottery can be entered for several consecutive weeks, but the same set of numbers will be used for each consecutive draw

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EuroMillions Jackpot Keeps On Rolling Over

EuromillionsThe EuroMillions jackpot keeps on rolling over as last night there were no players in this pan-European lottery that managed to match the numbers drawn to win the top prize on offer. This means that now the EuroMillions jackpot available to win in Friday’s draw is estimated at an impressive £126/€156 million which is the highest is has been for some months – so the question is, will any ticket holders strike lucky in Friday's draw and win this very high EuroMillions jackpot or will it remain elusive and rollover for the 12th time in a row?

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6th June 2012

EuroMillions Jackpot Estimated at £92/€116 Million

EuromillionsExcitement is growing with EuroMillions players because the jackpot remained elusive again in last night’s draw, so it now rolls over for the ninth time to reach an impressive amount. This means that the EuroMillions jackpot available to win on Friday is estimated at £92/€116 million, which is the highest the top prize has been in this pan-European lottery for some time. Therefore, the question is will any players manage to match the numbers drawn on Friday night to scoop this impressive jackpot, or will it rollover again for the tenth time in a row?

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30th May 2012

EuroMillions Big Tuesday Superdraw Rolls Over

EuromillionsLast night’s EuroMillions Big Tuesday draw failed to make anyone jackpot winners with the top prize of £86,290,000/€100,000,000. This now means that the jackpot for the EuroMillions rolls over to the next draw and the jackpot is now estimated at £100/€119 million. The impressive jackpot on offer to win last night was due to the fact that it was a EuroMillions Superdraw so it automatically had a high jackpot, regardless of the previous jackpot amount.

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5th October 2011

EuroMillions Jackpot Scooped as MegaMillions Rolls

MegaMillionsAn exciting round of midweek lottery draws that took place on Tuesday night brought change to the world of lottery with the massive EuroMillions jackpot scooped as the MegaMillions rolls one more time. This means that the EuroMillions will now return to its starting point of €15 million for the draw on Friday while the MegaMillions jackpot bumps up to a mouth watering $65 million with draws for both of these lottery games next taking place on Friday 16th September.

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14th September 2011

Lottery World Gripped by EuroMillions Jackpot

EuromillionsAfter a weekend of exciting lottery draws the lottery world is gripped by the EuroMillions jackpot as the Tuesday draw looms closer. Friday night saw this lottery game roll over for a twelfth consecutive time to bring a mind blowing €159/£138 million for the next draw that will take place on Tuesday 13th September. Although EuroMillions is technically a European lottery game the interest will be worldwide and with a jackpot of this size, it is not difficult to see why.

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12th September 2011

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  • Euro Millions
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  • New York Lotto
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  • Florida Lotto
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  • SuperEnalotto
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  • Canada Lotto
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