Florida Lottery

The Florida Lottery began operating on January 12th 1988 with Florida Lotto being the main state game, other than Powerball of course. The Florida Lottery game plays twice every week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. And like most lotteries, gives people the excitement of playing and winning a life changing amount of cash. You can play this game from the Florida Lottery by using a playslip which are available at all authorized Florida Lottery retailers or, more conveniently, by purchasing a Lotto ticket online. Playslips for the Florida Lottery allow you to play up to 10 games per slip. If you want to play more than 10 games for any draw, you will need to use another slip.

Here is the latest result for Florida Lotto. A full set of past and present results for the Florida Lottery can be found here.

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Florida Lottery

Wednesday 5th Aug 2015

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Buying Florida Lottery Tickets

You will need to select six numbers from 1 to 53 for each Florida Lotto game that you want to play and mark these clearly on your playslip, using the guidelines clearing given on the slip. Alternatively you can mark the Quick Pick box on the slip and allow the lottery terminal to randomly select your numbers for you. You also have the option of advanced play. This option lets you to play for up to 52 consecutive games in advance by simply marking the advance play box on your lottery playslip.

To win the Florida Lottery jackpot you will need to match six numbers on any one game but players can also win cash prizes for matching three, four or five numbers in any single drawing. There will always be an advertised jackpot for each drawing. This amount is the estimated 30 annual payments for the jackpot on any single drawing for the Florida Lotto. You also have another choice in which you can receive your portion of the jackpot from the Florida Lottery in the form of a lump sum. However, you only have 60 days from the winning draw date to choose the cash payment option.

More about the Florida Lottery

Florida Lottery Raises Over $28 Billion for Education

Florida residents have reason to celebrate as the Florida Lottery has announced that they have just hit a record for transfers to the state’s educational fund. Since the lottery started in 1988, $28 billion has been raised for the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund (EETF), which helps fund K-12 education as well as scholarships for college students across the state.

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22nd April 2015

Florida Lotto Jackpot Rolls to $56 Million

Florida Lottery

The Florida Lotto jackpot has grown to $56 million after a total of 33 drawings with no Match 6 winners. Tonight’s jackpot is the highest seen in the game for 12 years so ticket sales are likely to soar in anticipation of this Wednesday drawing.

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21st August 2013

Florida Joins MegaMillions

Florida LotteryFlorida officially became the 43rd State to join MegaMillions today whens a 7-Eleven convenience store in Citrus Park, Tampa sold the very first ticket. The State couldn’t have joined at a better time as the MegaMillions jackpot of US$190 million is the biggest it has been for over a year. With the Powerball jackpot also still climbing, could there be lottery frenzy in Florida this week?

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15th May 2013

Florida Joins MegaMillions In Less Than A Month

Florida LotteryFlorida will officially join the MegaMillions game on Wednesday 15th May 2013, and excitement is sweeping the state. Lottery players in Florida have been eager to join the multi-state lottery for several years now, in order to have access to some of the biggest jackpots in the country. After an incredibly successful year, in which the Florida Lottery topped $4.45 billion in sales, their wish has finally been granted.

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17th April 2013

Florida Lottery Jackpot Estimated at $45 Million

Florida LotteryOn Saturday night the Florida Lottery weekend draw took place and yet again players failed to match the six numbers drawn to win the top prize. This means that the Florida Lottery has rolled over yet again and the jackpot is now estimated at $45 million. This current top prize has been rolling over since the 17th September 2011, meaning that it has now rolled over a total of 24 times, so the big question is will anyone win the Florida Lottery jackpot tonight or will it carry on remaining elusive?

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14th December 2011

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  • Florida Lotto
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  • SuperEnalotto
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  • Canada Lotto
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