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The Ohio Lottery sold its first ticket in August 1974, so it has over three and a half decades of experience in delivering a range of exciting games and it knows exactly how to satisfy the demands of Ohio lottery players. The aim of the Ohio Lottery Commission is to ‘help educate the children of Ohio’ using money raised from the Ohio Lottery games, and it achieves this through a range of initiatives that support children in both the primary and secondary stages of education. So far, more than $16 billion has been raised for children’s education in Ohio, so the aim of the Ohio Lottery is certainly being met. Here is the latest Classic Lotto results. For a full breakdown of current and past results from all the other Ohio draw like Rolling Cash 5, Kicker, Ten OH, etc, please visit the Ohio Lottery results page.

Latest Ohio Lottery Results

Ohio Lottery

Monday 3rd Aug 2015

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The Ohio Lottery Games

Ohio lottery players can participate in both the Mega Millions and Powerball multi-state lottery games as well as several other draw-based games that are designed specifically for Ohio Lottery players. These additional draw-based Ohio Lottery games don’t offer the same kind of jackpots as their multi-state counterparts, but they do offer huge prizes in their own right, as you will see from the following descriptions:

Classic Lotto – This is a 6 from 49 Ohio Lottery game which is played three times a week on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. The base level of the jackpot is $1 million, and a rollover feature allows it to climb to considerably greater heights after a few draws without an outright winner. Ohio lottery players can either select their own Classic Lotto numbers or enter random numbers using a Auto Pick feature.

Rolling Cash 5 – This Ohio Lottery game is played every day and players have to select 5 numbers from the range 1 to 39. If a Ohio lottery players matches all five numbers they win the jackpot, which has a base level of $100,000 and which rolls over if nobody wins. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 575,757 and the odds of a Ohio Lottery player winning any prize at all are 1 in 9.

Pick 4 – Pick 4 is a twice-daily Ohio Lottery game and the aim here is for the Ohio lottery player to select a four digit number. There are various entry types available and, depending on the type of entry that is made, prizes can be won by matching numbers in any order or in the exact same order as selected.

Pick 3 – As you might have guessed, this Ohio Lottery game is a variation on the Pick 4 game, but here the Ohio lottery player has to pick a three digit number. Games take place twice a day and, as with Pick 4, there are a variety of entry types to choose from.

Ten-OH! – The Ten-OH! game from the Ohio Lottery is a keno-style game that requires the Ohio Lottery player to select 10 numbers from the range 1 to 80. When the Ten-OH! draw takes place (there are two draws held each day) 20 numbers are selected at random. If the Ohio Lottery player matches 5 or more of their numbers then they win a prize, with the $500,000 jackpot going to players who manage to match all 10 of their numbers.

Add to all of these Ohio Lottery games a broad range of instant win games and it is clear that Ohio Lottery players have a great deal to get excited about. And of course, as long as the Ohio Lottery continues to thrive, so will the educational support for the children of Ohio.

More about the Ohio Lottery

Ohio Classic Lotto Jackpot Dry Spell Ends after Two and a Half Years

After two and a half years without a big winner, the notoriously elusive Ohio Classic Lotto jackpot has finally been won. The mystery winner matched all six numbers drawn (3, 8, 26, 28, 34 and 35) on Saturday June 14 to scoop a life-changing top prize of $73.3 million.

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18th June 2014

Jackpot Finally Won in Ohio Classic Lottery

Ohio LotteryIt has definitely been a long time coming but the jackpot has finally been won in the Ohio Classic Lottery. Last night the Monday draw took place and no longer can this American Lottery jackpot keep rolling over. The top prize reached an impressive $50.4 million after it has been rolling since May 5th 2010 – that’s means it has rolled over more than 200 hundred times! It is unknown yet as to whether there was more than one winning ticket in this Ohio Lottery but whoever the winner – or winners are, they should be very happy with themselves.

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25th October 2011

Scratchcard win for Ohio Lottery player

Ohio LotteryInstant games or scratchcards as they are also know as, are a very popular addition to any state lottery, but it is rare that people win millions on these. However, the fact that the odds of winning a prize are more favourable than the main lottery games means that many find these games attractive. News of a $5 million scratchcard win for an Ohio Lottery player, shows that what some might deem impossible is in fact very possible.

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17th June 2011

Lottery millionaire might celebrate with a cigar after $1m win

PowerballEfforts have begun to trace a $1million lottery winner in Wilmington, Ohio who has struck it rich in the state’s Powerball draw. The winner’s decision to buy lottery tickets at the Cheap Tobacco store in the city certainly paid off, with the winning ticket matching at least the five main numbers, which were 28, 39, 40, 48 and 53. The powerball was number 9.

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22nd March 2011

Man wins on Ohio Lottery twice

Ohio LotteryMost of us are aware that playing the lottery doesn’t just mean playing the main draw. Many world wide lottery games have other games and scratch off cards as part of their games. This gives lottery players a huge choice in the type of games they can choose to play from. These other games can also pay out big winnings just like a main lottery game and news that a man wins on the Ohio Lottery twice is all of the evidence anyone will need to convince them that this really can and does happen.

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14th June 2010

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  • New York Lotto
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  • Florida Lotto
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  • SuperEnalotto
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  • Canada Lotto
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