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UK lottery games were introduced to the British public in 1994, which makes the UK quite a late-starter compared with countries like the USA, which had official lottery games in some states several decades earlier. Despite its relative youth, the UK lottery has quickly become something of a national treasure, with the majority of people in Britain playing UK lottery games on a regular basis.

Money raised from the sales of UK lottery tickets goes to several organisations that have been set up to fund a variety of good causes, and UK lottery players actually use the term Good Causes to collectively refer to these. Since the launch of the UK lottery, more than £24 billion has been raised for Good Causes, and that total grows week after week.

The last UK lottery draw result is given below. Please visit the UK National Lottery results page for a full breakdown of the other games and past results.

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UK Lottery

Saturday 1st Aug 2015

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UK lottery players have plenty of UK lottery games that they can participate in. The biggest is EuroMillions, a multi-national lottery that is currently played in nine European countries. EuroMillions was launched in 2004 by three founding nations, including the UK, and offers a base jackpot of €15 million which can, after rollovers, become many times higher. To win the jackpot, UK lottery players need to select 5 main numbers from the range 1 to 50 and 2 ‘Lucky Star’ numbers from the range 1 to 11. There are two weekly draws, which take place in Paris each Tuesday and Friday evening.

Other UK lottery games that are worthy of particular note include:

Lotto – This was the first ever draw-based UK lottery game, and has been played since November 1994. UK lottery players have to select 6 numbers from the range 1 to 49 and match all six to win the jackpot. There are two Lotto draws each week (one on Wednesday and the other on Saturday) and prizes are paid to any UK lottery player matching 3 numbers or more.

Thunderball – This UK lottery game has been around since 1999, but Thunderball was overhauled in 2010 to give UK lottery players the chance of winning bigger jackpots more often. UK lottery players have to choose 5 main numbers from the range 1 to 39 and 1 ‘Thunderball’ from the range 1 to 14. There are three draws each week (on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday) and matching all 6 numbers wins a jackpot worth £500,000.

Lotto Raffle – The Lotto Raffle is a supplementary game played alongside UK Lotto on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Launched in October 2013, Lotto Raffle sees 50 players each win a guaranteed prize of 20,000 in every drawing. The cost of entry is included in the price of a normal Lotto ticket. For every line of numbers you play, a code consisting of a four-letter color and an eight-digit number is randomly generated. On special occasions, the Lotto Raffle may offer more than 50 prizes in a given draw. To celebrate the start of the new game, two draws were held on Saturday, 5th October and Saturday, 12th October 2013 that each offered a whopping 1,000 Lotto Raffle prizes!

Other UK lottery games include Daily Play, Lotto HotPicks and a an ever-growing range of UK lottery scratchcards that can be played both offline and online. The UK lottery has been so successful that the UK lottery organiser is expected to be playing an important if not pivotal role in developing a new World Lottery to be launched at some point in the future.

More about the UK Lottery

Back To Basics for UK Lotto Jackpot

National LotteryIt’s back to basics for the UK Lotto jackpot, with the top prize estimated at £2.2 million following a total of five players sharing the top prize of £14,663,305 from Saturday’s draw. With each winner claiming £2,932,661 each, tonight could see a single UK Lotto ticket holder scooping a similar amount – that is if no one else happens to match the winning numbers! Failing that, there are four additional prizes up for grabs should players be interested in becoming potential midweek winners…

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19th October 2011

National Lottery Rollover Jackpot Climbs

National LotteryLast weekend UK players had a fantastic National Lottery jackpot of £6.5 million to play for after the previous draw failed to produce a winner. The great news is that there is now another chance to win as the National Lottery rollover jackpot climbs again after the draw on Saturday failed to produce a winner - as no one managed to match the winning numbers for a second time. So if you love to play for the bigger UK jackpots, then you have got lots to be excited about with an estimated £10 million in the prize pool tonight for the UK Lottery!

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21st September 2011

UK Lotto Rolls Over for Saturday Draw

National LotteryIt might be the US that is boasting one  of the largest lottery jackpots with the MegaMillions currently standing at a cool $65 million but this will in no way dampen the spirits of those players in the UK. After the Wednesday evening draw, the UK Lotto game from National Lottery rolls over to give this patriotic nation a jackpot of £6.5 million to play for on Saturday 17th September. This may not be anywhere near the size of other world lottery games but for the UK this is a real treat.

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16th September 2011

National Lottery Boasts Another Rollover

National LotteryThere has been a huge buzz across the whole world where the lottery is concerned over recent weeks and it seems that it is likely to continue this week with yet more rollovers after the weekend draws. The UK’s National Lottery boasts another rollover jackpot for the next draw taking place on Wednesday after no one managed to match the winning numbers drawn on the Saturday night draw and this creates a midweek jackpot of £6.5 million to play for on Wednesday.

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29th August 2011

Lotto and EuroMillions Roll Again

EuromillionsAfter an electric weekend of rollover jackpots to play for on the UK’s National Lottery and the EuroMillions, the UK and the rest of Europe will be braced for more of the same for the midweek draws. As both the Lotto and EuroMillions roll again after the weekend draws, things will be really hotting up for these games from this point until a winner is produced and this is what lottery players all over the world get excited about and love to play for.

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22nd August 2011

  • Mega Millions
    Jackpot: $25,000,000
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  • Powerball
    Jackpot: $110,000,000
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  • Euro Millions
    Jackpot: €25,000,000
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  • UK Lotto
    Jackpot: £3,900,000
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  • California Lotto
    Jackpot: $61,000,000
    Buy Tickets
  • New York Lotto
    Jackpot: $31,500,000
    Buy Tickets
  • Florida Lotto
    Jackpot: $4,000,000
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  • SuperEnalotto
    Jackpot: €8,600,000
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  • Canada Lotto
    Jackpot: $11,000,000
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