1 million dollar Texas Lottery winner

Thursday July 23rd 2009

Suzy Herod, the 1 million dollar Texas Lottery winner, went to work like any normal day after her recent win. Being the latest winner of the Texas Lottery’s $500 Blockbuster scratch-off game, she could do nothing more than sit in her car and cry in the parking lot once she reach work.

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After thinking something bad had happened when she was seen sat in her car crying, Suzy Herods’ colleagues were amazed that she had turned up for work after such an amazing  win.

If Herod had not won $30 on a Texas Lottery ticket which she bought at a gas station previously, she would not have been the lucky  winner as she used her winnings from that ticket to purchase the $20 winning ticket and bag herself a $1m fortune. At first the $30 winning ticket wouldn’t register so the retailer had to call the Lottery Commission to allow her to collect her win.

Herod, who will get $750,000 after taxes, intends to use the money won on the Texas Lottery Blockbuster scratchcards for her retirement, and to help out her daughter, and vows that her recent win will not change her life too drastically, telling her husband to carry on working on the day of her win instead of taking time off to take her to collect her winnings. When asked, Herod claimed that she would still continue to play the lottery as she is a gambler.

The winning ticket, which cost just $20, will give Amburn Food Mart, the retailer who sold the winning ticket, up to $10,000.

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