£3.6 million unclaimed National Lottery prize

Thursday December 31st 2009

Time and time again we hear of lottery prizes going to good causes as they have not been claimed by the deadline. Many of these prizes are left unclaimed because people either mislay or lose their tickets. News that a £3.6 million unclaimed National Lottery prize has been outstanding since the draw  which took place on 23rd September will leave many lottery players shocked that such an opportunity for the lucky ticket holder could be missed.

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The winning numbers for this lottery drawing were 23, 25, 28, 41, 46 and 47 and National Lottery officials say that the lucky ticket holder has until  5.30pm on 22nd March in which to make their claim otherwise the prize money will go to the good causes fund.

The winning UK National Lottery ticket was purchased in the constituency of Inverness, so if you purchased a lottery ticket from this area for the draw in question, then now may be a good time to either check or re-check your ticket to see if you are sitting on a win worth more than £3 million. If you know you bought a lottery ticket for the draw but have mislaid it, then turn the house upside down to find it as you could well be sitting on a multi million fortune

As always, people are urged to either buy lottery tickets online to avoid losing or mislaying them or to sign the back immediately after they purchase them from a retailer to avoid someone finding the lottery ticket and making a false claim.

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