7th win for Florida Lottery player

Monday August 16th 2010

Last week we brought you the news of a New York Lottery player having two major wins in as many years, which was something that would have been deemed impossible if it had not happened. Today we can reveal that this has been somewhat upstaged with the more recent news of a 7th win for a Florida Lottery player. Although it has taken 17 years for this player to get to seven wins, which gives an average of one win every 2.4 years, it is still almost unbelievable that a single lottery player could be this lucky.

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Richard Lustig won his very first Florida Lottery grand prize 17 years ago, just two weeks after the birth of his son. It is believed that his first major win was on a Florida Lottery Mega Money game when he scooped nearly $843,000. Six years later he walked away with another Florida Lottery prize of more than $73,000 by playing Fantasy 5. His most recent win of $100,000 was also from playing the Florida Lottery fame Fantasy 5 and these are just a few of the entries in his winning portfolio.

Lustig claims to have a method that he uses which has helped him to win so many times but refuses to give the details of this. Whatever the system, it certainly works for him and it won’t be surprising if he finds lots of cash offers to reveal his formula, both from other lottery players and the media.

Richard will buy lottery tickets every day as he always has but refuses to reveal how many and what games he plays on the Florida Lottery.

Written by Samantha Jones

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