A cut above for UK Lotto winner

Friday August 14th 2009

A visit to the hairdressers proved to be a cut above for UK Lotto winner Hilary Carter; this lucky National Lottery winner was visiting her local salon for her weekly cut and blow-dry when one of the staff read out the latest draw numbers. Hilary new all the numbers the staff where calling out were hers as she has been playing the same numbers since the UK National Lottery began in 1994.

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She managed to match 5 numbers and believed she had won about £2,000 until someone said, in jest “Shame you haven’t got the bonus ball” but she had, number 33 was also on the winning UK National lottery ticket banking this lucky lady an impressive £118,406!

After realising she had won the National Lottery and a substantial amount of money for matching 5 numbers and the bonus ball it was a little difficult for the hairdresser to finish of styling Hilary’s hair as there was a whole lot of shaking going on in addition to a few tears of joy!

Like many players who buy lottery tickets Hilary had chosen numbers that had meaning to herself and her family; these included the day she was married, the year her husband (deceased) was born and the birthdays of her two sons.
Plans for a big spend with her lottery winnings aren’t forefront in this lucky winners mind although she does want to fulfil a lifetime’s ambition and watch Wales play France in the Six Nations Cup and may travel to Paris.

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