Another Lotto rollover for UK players

Friday April 15th 2011

There is another Lotto rollover for UK players to get excited about this weekend as the main lottery offered by the UK National Lottery has yet again failed to produce a winner from the draw on Wednesday. The jackpot on Wednesday topped well over £10 million after rolling over second time on the previous weekend and now lottery players are in for a real treat after the jackpot rolls for a third time.

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This is the first time this year that player have seen the National Lottery jackpot rollover three times and under the old rules, winners would be guaranteed after a third rollover. However, the National Lottery has introduced new rules regarding rollovers which came into force in February 2011. This means that a National Lottery jackpot can now rollover four times before it is guaranteed to be won. If after this point there are still no winners the jackpot in then offered to the next lowest prize tier that has got winners. Under the old National Lottery rules this happened after a third rollover.

This means as players, you have one more chance of winning the National Lottery jackpot than you did under the previous rules. Obviously there is a much higher chance that if offered to a lower tier, the prize is going to be split between more than one single lottery player. Although not guaranteed in any way, winning the jackpot in the intended way gives a much better chance of a single player winning, which is something that everyone loves to see.

Avoid the ticket buying frenzy about to descend on the UK and buy lottery tickets now for the estimated £15.8 million jackpot on offer on Saturday 16th April.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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