Australian Lottery Superdraw

Friday July 31st 2009

On 1st August 2009 the Australian Lottery Superdraw will pay out a fantastic guaranteed AU$20 million jackpot, not forgetting the hundreds of lower tier prizes. Overseas people have not been able to enter the Oz Superdraw before but now, thanks to OSA you can now play and could become an Australian Superdraw Millionaire.

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$186 Million
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At various times throughout the year, regular lottery players look forward to the chance of winning extra large jackpots called Superdraws. This is the name given to Saturday draw that has a large graranteed jackpot prize. These jackpots carry better odds of winning a cash prize than any other lotto in the Asia and Pacific region.

Normally 5% of the normal funds generated from each regular draw are kept in a special fund, which builds up between Superdraws with each regular draw that takes place. It is then added to the pot for the Superdraw, so not only does the jackpot get bigger but also the lower prizes. Thus encouraging people to spend more money, and increasing the prize fund even more.

Normally the Australian Lottery Superdraw generates a guaranteed 1st division prize pool of around AU$19 million. The highest jackpot recorded was in December 2006 when it reached AU$33 million. The highest is the 35 year history of the Australian Lottery. Could it be set to beat that this time? Well it is already standing at AU$1 million above the average, so the odds are looking good for new 1st division prize pool record.

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