Bathroom Break Pays off for California Lottery Player

Wednesday June 24th 2015

A quick bathroom break for a Modesto woman has paid off, as the California Lottery scratcher she picked up on the way out netted her a cool $5 million. Jennifer Daniel was on her way to work earlier this month when nature called, so she pulled into the CVS pharmacy on North Carpenter Road. On her way out the door, she saw the scratchcard machine and decided to give the $20 Ultimate Riches scratcher a try.

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Right then and there, Jennifer scratched the barcode off and scanned it - and the screen immediately notified her that she had won $5 million. She managed to remain calm until she told her family about the big win, at which point she and her family shed tears of joy.

Jennifer plans to pay off both her and her parents’ mortgages as well as her own car, set some money aside for her son’s education and invest a good chunk of the winnings. Best of all, Jennifer can now spend more time with her son. “I’m not going to have to work six days a week and be on the overtime list at work,” she said. “I can just work eight hours a day and enjoy my days and spend time with my son.”

While the California Lottery has a number of incredible instant win games like Ultimate Riches, it also offers the huge SuperLotto Plus draw game, whose jackpot is currently worth a mind-blowing $46 million. The drawing will be held tonight and tickets can be purchased from authorised retailers throughout the state. If you want to be like Jennifer Daniel, try drinking a few litres of water, hopping in your car and heading down to your nearest shop (with a public bathroom) for the chance to win a truly life-changing wad of cash!

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