Big unclaimed National Lottery prize

Friday June 25th 2010

It is always amazing to see the amount of world lottery prizes that go unclaimed week after week. However, it is even more astonishing to see just how big some of these unclaimed prizes are. The main reason that people play any lottery game is in the hope of winning a big prize but despite numerous appeals, people still fail to claim prizes on time. Sometimes people lose their lottery tickets and sometimes they simply forget they have them. Whatever the reason there is an big unclaimed National Lottery prize that will need to be claimed before the claim deadline is reached.

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This National Lottery prize is from the draw for the main Lotto game which took place on 30th December 2009. The winning ticket was purchased in the Bexhill and Hastings area of the UK and matched five of the main National Lottery numbers plus the bonus ball to win a £251,657 prize. The winning numbers for this particular lottery draw were 5, 14, 27, 29, 34, 35 and the bonus ball was 4. If you think you may hold lotto tickets for this particular draw and purchased them in this area, then dig them out and check them right away, as you could be the lucky lottery winner who is sitting on a life changing amount of money.

The deadline for the winner to come forward and claim this National Lottery prize is 28th June, so there are only three days left. If no one comes forward then as with all unclaimed National lottery prizes, this money will also go to the Good Causes fund.

Written by Samantha Jones

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