Cab Driver Steals Friend’s Winning Powerball Ticket

Wednesday January 27th 2016

A New York City cab driver had his winning Powerball ticket stolen from him by his long time friend. Segura Rubelin, a fellow cab driver, heartlessly swiped the ticket in order to ease his own money woes.

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Victor Castillo hadn’t quite managed to win the $1.5 billion jackpot on Wednesday 13th January, but his ticket was still worth an incredible $50,000 after he matched four main numbers and the Powerball. While he and Rubelin ate at a Bronx diner the day after the drawing, Castillo held the ticket in his hand, safe in the knowledge that he was a winner, but his once-trusted associate snatched the ticket and raced to the grocery store where it had been purchased. Rubelin later left with another winning ticket, one worth just $4.

In an interview with New York Daily News, Castillo spoke of how he was determined he wouldn’t be conned out of his fortune, crying foul play: “He came back and threw me a ticket that only won $4. I knew the numbers I played. I knew I won!”

Luckily, the grocery store came to Castillo’s aid, capturing the whole incident on video. Both Castillo and the store staff called the police to report the crime. Rubelin was later arrested and charged with grand larceny before being released. Upon coming out, the accused claimed Castillo owed him money and that the pair had agreed to split the winnings, but denied making arrangements to flee to the Dominican Republic. Friends and relatives of Mr Rubelin claim he was behind on the rent he was paying for an apartment to house himself, his three children, their mother and grandmother.     

Castillo recalls how the pair had been allies for many years, even describing his light-fingered friend as being like a ’brother’ to him: “He was my friend, but he is no longer...he betrayed me. I’m still in shock.”

New York Lottery officials have declined to comment on the case, but have advised that anyone who buys lottery tickets should sign the back of the entry straight away as proof of ownership.

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