California Lottery player wins $10m

Thursday February 24th 2011

A lottery player from the city of Burbank in California has struck gold by winning last Saturday’s SuperLotto Plus jackpot. Brian McMahon let out a piercing yell of "Woo!" when he found out he’d won first prize following the draw on February 19. He regularly plays SuperLotto Plus, Mega Millions and Fantasy 5, and now he's won big and become an instant multi-millionaire, Mr McMahon told lottery organisers he’s ready to have a “great life”.

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A prop maker for the entertainment industry by trade, Mr McMahon will now have the chance to live the kind of dream life that is normally only seen on the big screen. His initial plan for the cash is to make sure his family is financially secure, but purchases including a house and a new truck are also on the agenda.

Mr McMahon said: "I want to make the money grow and secure my children’s future and my grandchildren’s future."

Daniel and Jin Roh, owners of the store where the winning lottery ticket was sold, are also set to benefit. They will receive a $50,000 seller’s bonus, which equates to half of a percent of the jackpot.

Written by Peter Krikham

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