California Lottery replay creates a millionaire

Tuesday October 12th 2010

Second chance offers or replays as they are less commonly known, on losing scratch off lottery tickets is something that is becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the US. Usually players have the chance to win something like football team merchandise or tickets to events and sometimes cash prizes. However, cash prizes do not normally exceed $1,000. The news that a California Lottery replay creates a millionaire will be just as much a surprise to the rest of us as it was to this California Lottery winner herself.

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When Judith Tate bought a $5 scratch off California Lottery ticket as she regularly does, and found it was not a winner, she decided to enter the serial number of the losing ticket for the replay. When she arrived at a San Jose community party to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the California Lottery, she expected at best to win $1,000 on this ticket. When Judith Tate was handed a check for a replay lottery, she simply buried her face in her hands on discovering that there had been three extra zeros added to the prize, meaning that she was indeed, now a lottery Millionaire.

Judith’s lottery ticket had been picked as the winner of a California Lottery Grand Prize Draw, which is why her prize was so much more than is normally awarded in scratch off lotto ticket replays. As a retired accounts supervisor this fantastic lottery prize will now enable Judith to enjoy her retirement so much more and how she will spend her win, is something she will decide once she has got over the surprise lottery win.

Written by Peter Kirkham

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