California Man Wins $10 Million Scratchcard Prize Moments after Winning $1,000

Wednesday December 2nd 2015

Rodney Meadows of Modesto, California might be one of the luckiest people in the Golden State after he turned a $1,000 scratchcard prize into a colossal $10 million. While he was out running errands on Monday, November 23rd, Meadows decided to stop and buy a scratchcard. When he uncovered a $1,000 prize on the CA Lottery 30th Anniversary game, Meadows immediately decided to buy three more of the scratchcards. Within a minute, he wasn’t just $1,000 better off - he was $10 million richer!

Meadows was so shocked by his win that he had to ask the store clerk to help him check his ticket. “First off, I could not believe it,” he was quoted as saying by KCRA. He’s had some good runs of lottery luck in the past, picking up $1,000 on two different tickets, but nothing like the windfall he’s just grabbed right before Christmas! When he spoke to California lottery officials about his big win, he said he wasn’t yet sure about how to spend the cash.

Lakvhir Singh, who owns the Fast Mart where Meadows purchased his winning tickets, said that his store had sold some tickets in the past that had won large prizes, but nothing that could rival the $10 million sum Meadows picked up recently. The store will receive a $50,000 bonus for selling the ticket. While Meadows might not know what he’s planning to do with his newfound wealth, Singh has committed to spending his retailers’ bonus on remodeling the Fast Mart.

The California Lottery doesn’t just sell scratchcards - they also operate some amazing draw games like Mega Millions, Powerball, SuperLotto Plus and Fantasy 5, all of which could see you pick up an incredible payout just like Rodney Meadows. Visit the California Lottery page to learn more.

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