California Super Lotto Rolls, Powerball Excitement Grows

Wednesday March 6th 2013

The state of California has been whipped up into a lottery frenzy this month, as the state lotto jackpot continues to roll over and the countdown to Powerball starts. The California Super Lotto Plus has been rolling over now since it was last won just before Christmas in 2012, and its jackpot tonight has reached a massive $33 million, the biggest seen in the state lottery for several years. This has added to the excitement of the state joining the Powerball on 8th April 2013.

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$174 Million
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To celebrate the addition of the Powerball to the state of California, the CA Lottery are holding a special competition named The California Dreaming Song Contest, which is appealing for residents to produce their own cover of the famous Mamas and Papas song. The winner of the contest will have the opportunity to perform live at the Powerball launch celebrations, plus will win a $5,000 prize!

California made the decision to start selling Powerball tickets alongside MegaMillions tickets due to overwhelming public demand for the massive jackpot game. With jackpots that start at $40 million and increase in $10 million intervals, there is always a monster jackpot guaranteed on the Powerball, dwarfing even the current healthy state lotto pot. Plus, there is the matter of good causes contributions – with Powerball sales expected to add an additional $50 - $100 million to the state education fund.

So, there’s never been a better time to be California Dreaming… and if your numbers come up, you could be dreaming of a multi-million dollar jackpot!

Written by Brett Levenson

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