California Super Lotto Rolls To $20 million

Wednesday December 19th 2012

The California Super Lotto, which is drawn on Wednesday and Saturday has been rolling over since 31st October 2012 and has now reached an impressive $20 million. This is the highest jackpot this state lotto has seen since 29th August 2012, when it topped $28 million and was shared by two lucky ticket holders. This also means that should one winner nab that jackpot during the next draw, they will be the biggest single winner on the California lotto since the end of May 2012! But will it be won? Read on for more details!

The Californian Lottery has a minimum jackpot of $7 million, but, like a lot of lotteries which require players to match five numbers from one matrix then another (in this case, the Mega Ball) from a second matrix, it often rolls over several times before it is won. Jackpots regularly reach into the mid tens of millions, but it is much rarer that it tops the $20 million mark. So far this year, the winning jackpot has topped $20 million just twice prior to this draw, so this milestone will undoubtedly see a surge in lottery ticket sales across California – especially with it being drawn the weekend before Christmas!

With the exception of the building excitement for the California lotto, the Christmas week is looking fairly quiet on the lottery front in the USA. The Powerball jackpot is $50 million, after seeing just one rollover since it was last won, and the Megamillions also has rolled over just once to have an estimated jackpot of $12 million in time for the draw on Friday 21st December 2012. However, we are sure no matter what lottery prize you win this festive period it is bound to help make 2013 that little bit more special!

Written by Brett Levenson

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