Canadian Lotto Max sets new record

Monday June 7th 2010

Lottery fever has swept across Canada over the last week as Lotto Max reached the much anticipated Max Millions status. All this is set to continue this coming week as the Canadian Lotto Max sets a new record after no one won the jackpot following the draw on Friday night. The next draw which will take place on Friday will still have the $50 million jackpot intact, but ticket sales this week will mean that there will be an additional 20 one million Max Millions prizes up for grabs meaning the total prize for Lotto Max will be a massive $70 million.

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$186 Million
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This is the largest lottery prize in history for Canada and this week we could see an unprecedented reaction among Canadian Lottery players as they have the opportunity to take part in something that has ever been seen before. Lotto Max was only launched in September 2009 and has already produced 11 Max Millions winners, so to be able to produce another 20 from just one lottery draw is something that will create huge excitement.

For those players who have never played the Canadian Lotto Max before, Max Millions status is reached when the Lotto Max jackpot reaches $50 million. From this point the jackpot no longer increases which each rollover, it simply creates extra draws offering individual $1 million prizes. The Max Millions draws are separate from the Lotto Max draw but all draws are played from the same lotto ticket, so each player has the opportunity to win both Lotto Max and a Max Millions prize.

Written by Brett Levenson

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