Changes to New Jersey Cash 5 as Starting Jackpot Increases

Thursday July 2nd 2020

A number of changes have been made to Jersey Cash 5, with the New Jersey Lottery now offering bigger jackpots in the daily game. Find out more about the updated rules.

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New Number Matrix

The changes were made ahead of the drawing on June 29 to refresh a game that has been running since 1992. You now have to select five numbers from 1 to 45, up from the previous matrix of 43 numbers.

This tweak to how many numbers are available has altered the odds of winning. The chances of landing the top prize are now 1 in 1,221,759, in comparison to the previous odds of 1 in 962,598. The overall odds of winning a prize have gone from 1 in 133 to 1 in 153.

Later Drawings

The time of the daily drawing has been pushed back from 7:57 PM EST to 10:57 PM EST. With sales closing just a few minutes before the draw, it gives you more time to purchase tickets. The New Jersey Lottery has also begun to hold drawings for other games - Pick-3, Pick-4 and Pick-6 - at 10:57 PM EST. Head over to the New Jersey page to find out more about all the games offered in the Garden State.

Jackpot Rises to Guaranteed $100,000

The best part of the new rules is that the minimum jackpot has been pushed up from an estimated $75,000 to a guaranteed $100,000. It rolls over to the next drawing every time it is not won, and New Jersey Lottery Executive Director James Carey is confident the game will go from strength to strength as a result of the changes.

He said: “The new numbers matrix allows the New Jersey Lottery to offer bigger, guaranteed jackpots to our loyal Jersey Cash 5 players. In 2019, we awarded jackpot prizes to more than 150 winners. With this change, we will still be able to award plenty of jackpots to players in the Garden State while ensuring the jackpots start bigger and climb faster.”

The cost of the game remains exactly the same, so you just have to pay $1 per line. You can also add the XTRA feature for $1 more per play to increase the value of non-jackpot prizes by up to five times. There have been no changes to the lower prize amounts or the XTRA feature.

Go to the Jersey Cash 5 page for more information about how the game is played, then keep an eye out for the latest results after every drawing.

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