Chinese Lottery winner claims prize in disguise

Sunday November 1st 2009

After much furore surrounding the identity of the winner of 360 million yuan the world is till no wiser as the Chinese Lottery winners claims the prize in disguise. When attending the Provincial of Henan this lucky winner sported sunglasses and a face mask for the duration of his 25 minute visit to claim the winnings.

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The Dual Coloured Ball jackpot from the China Welfare Lottery was won on October 18th but the mystery winner took a breath holding 19 days to step forward and make his claim to the 360 million yuan jackpot.

Few details are known about the mystery winner of the Chinese Lottery:

  • The lottery ticket was bought in Anyang, Henan
  • The winner is a businessman
  • The winners surname is An

This lucky winner has already been dubbed by many as the ‘most wanted man in China’ and it was entirely understandable considering that he just netted a 290 million, after tax, jackpot. 10 million yuan of the jackpot was immediately donated to the Henan Foundation Charity by the mysterious winner of the Chinese Lottery. This was swiftly followed by a 600,000 yuan donation to a young girl suffering with Uremia, a kidney condition.

Whilst the Chinese Lottery winner may have claimed his prize in disguise it won’t be long for someone, somewhere discovers his identity and outs him to the world. The outcome for this big lottery winner would have been the same even if he had chosen to buy lottery tickets online. The world loves a good luck story after all.

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