Colorado Couple Wins Big For A Second Time

Wednesday February 28th 2018

A lucky couple from Colorado has enjoyed more lottery success, just three months after winning a $3 million prize. Paul M. and Kris have described the feeling as ‘surreal’ and have been left wondering how their luck turned around so quickly.

The pair had been under a huge amount of financial pressure until they entered a number of losing tickets in a second-chance drawing in November and won $3 million. They continued to play the lottery, though, and their fortune increased just last week when a dozen Cash 5 tickets that Kris had bought earned her a total of $200,000.

The tickets all had the same numbers, 3-10-17-23-31, which represented the birthdays and anniversaries of friends and family members, and they turned out to be inspired choices.

"You know, before you knocked on our door that morning, we were sitting around the kitchen table talking about how stressed we were about our finances," said Kris to the Colorado Lottery, recalling the moment when the second-chance drawing prize was delivered to the couple's home. "This is so surreal."

The couple’s first win has already allowed them to make investments, pay off their house and give some money to their sons. "I'm into computers, I really love to build them," said one of their sons, Luke. "And I always dreamed about walking into the computer store and picking out anything I wanted. It's a pretty cool feeling."

Lucky Winners

Paul M. and Kris are not the first lottery players to enjoy multiple wins. Kent Crawford from Gladwin in Michigan made the news earlier this month when he won a second big jackpot, while last July a teenager from California defied extraordinary odds to win two giant prizes in the space of a week.

The odds of winning are the same for every single player, whether you have been lucky in the past or are still waiting for that first big win. If you feel like it could be your time to shine, there a Mega Millions jackpot of $243 million up for grabs on Friday after another rollover on Wednesday.

Powerball is also up to $293 million, and you can pick up tickets by visiting an authorized retailer in any participating state. Good luck!

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