Colorado Man Wins Jeep in Second Chance Draw

Wednesday September 7th 2016

A lucky player from Thornton has paid tribute to the Colorado Lottery after winning a 2016 Jeep Renegade Trailhawk in a second chance drawing. David Mark Lewallen has been a regular player of lotto games for some time and had always hoped to receive a life-changing prize. While he may not have expected to win a new vehicle, he took the opportunity to enter the drawing and says that the win is a very welcome surprise.

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Lewallen believes that having the keys to a new vehicle will give him the perfect way to promote his business, as well as enjoy his active lifestyle. He told the Pueblo Chieftain: “I spend my monthly lotto, my minimum tickets and I save them every year. That's my vice. That's my fun. I am very excited. Very excited."

Lewallen, who supports the good work done by the Colorado Lottery in supporting conservation and wildlife in the state, added:  "I am a realtor. I'm with Metro Brokers, which is yellow, black and red. I might put some pinstripes on it and advertise my business with it. I go skiing a lot, too. It would be perfect. My car is 13 years old, my Explorer. So it's time for a new one."

Lewallen entered his losing tickets into the second chance drawing at the Colorado State Fair, and something similarly ‘fun and special’ has been promised for next year’s celebration. Colorado Lottery director Laura Solano said: “The proceeds go to some incredible opportunities in the state. This bin is just so full. Lots of people have been out here and participated.”

Second chance drawings are a great way of giving lottery players an extra opportunity to grab prizes even if they win nothing in the initial draw. Most state lotteries run special draws and there are a variety of fun prizes available. Find out more about second chance drawings and keep your eyes peeled for the latest offers in your state, whether you have your heart set on a big cash boost or a great new car!

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