Commercial for Sweet Million

Thursday October 1st 2009

You may remember the news that we brought to you earlier this month about the launch of the new lottery game that was introduced by the New York Lottery called Sweet Million. Well we can bring you the sweetest news of all today in that of the New York Lottery commercial for Sweet Million.

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This has got to be the cutest lottery commercial of all time and certainly connects to the new Sweet Million Game from the New York Lottery very well. The commercial for the new Sweet Million game features the cutest furry bunnies all dressed up and  enjoying a day at the fun fair.

The aim of the commercial is to convince lottery players that Sweet Million is the sweetest lottery game of all and the commercial, featuring the sweetest animals is a clever way of getting this message across to the lottery audience. The music to this commercial also plays a significant part in the message that this lottery commercial is trying to convey. With lyrics such as, ‘if you were a candy man’ and ‘heart filled with marzipan’, you really get the feel for the cuteness of this commercial and also the sweetness of the product it is trying to promote.

If you have not yet seen this lottery commercial, then take a look at the clip below. You will be full of oooh’s and aaahhh’s and if this doesn’t convince you to buy lottery tickets for this new Sweet Millions Game from the New York Lottery, then we don’t know what will.

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