Connecticut Father and Son Win Same Top Prize Four Months Apart

Wednesday July 29th 2015

A Connecticut father-son duo have made their own page in the lottery history books after both won the top prize on the same scratchcard just four months apart. Ben Urso, 35, snapped up $100,000 on the Cashword 6 scratchcard back in March after being inspired by his dad to play the game. “Cashword is one of my dad’s favorite games to play,” he told lottery officials when he claimed his winnings. “This time, I decided to buy one myself. I even bought the ticket at the same store that my dad gets his.”

Nick Urso, 65, collected his own prize earlier this week and told Connecticut Lottery officials about his - and his son’s - extraordinary luck. “We both like playing the Lottery’s Cashword games,” he said. “Most of the time we buy our tickets at the same place.”

However, the elder Urso decided to pop into a different store on that fateful July day as he was on his way to play golf. He bought two Cashword 7 tickets, one of which netted him the top prize of $100,000. “I can’t tell you what [Ben] said when I told him I won, but it was colorful,” Nick said.

The Cashword series of scratchcards offers a wide variety of ticket prices and top prizes and is a fun way to grab a hit of lottery fun. The current Cashword 7 game still has 19 prizes of $100,000 left, with countless other cash amounts between $10 and $10,000 up for grabs. The player gets 18 letters that can be used to complete words in two different panels. If they can uncover at least four complete words on both crosswords, they’ll pick up a sweet cash prize.

You don’t have to come from a lucky family like the Ursos to have a chance of winning big on Connecticut Lottery games. In addition to fun scratchcards, you can pick up tickets for draw games like Lucky for Life, Lotto! and 5 Card Cash, all of which offer the opportunity to grab a life-changing amount of money. Why not buy tickets today and see if you can create your own good luck?

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