Double rollover for the National Lottery

Wednesday November 11th 2009

Whilst a double rollover for the National Lottery does not produce the record lottery jackpot amounts that some of the larger lotteries are boasting at the moment, it is still an amount worth getting excited about. It is the main UK lottery game at the end of the day, although it is much smaller than the EuroMillions and the multi-state US lottery games.

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The jackpot is currently standing at an  estimated £11 million, this alone is something that players of the UK lottery enjoy. £11 million is probably a more desirable amount to win than the amounts that the larger lotteries are running at as sometimes the more you win, the more pressure it brings, especially to vulnerable people who do not get proper financial advice.

Even a UK National Lottery win of several tens of thousand can change people lives for the better, so £11 million is an amount that players of the National Lottery could only dream of.

The highest ever jackpot for the National Lottery was back in January 1996 when the jackpot reached the record level of £42,008,610. This was shared by three lottery ticket holders each scooping just over £14 million, so if one ticket holder were to win this double rollover of £11 million, they would not be far behind these three record winners.

As always, we recommend that whenever possible, players shouldbuy lottery tickets online. This is by far the safest and most convenient way. By buying your lottery tickets in this way, you can also take a look at the latest Christmas themed Scratch-off games that the National Lottery has recently introduced.

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