Double rollover for the National Lottery

Friday April 9th 2010

If ever UK lottery players needed a boost of excitement, then this has got to be it. Rollovers are not as common with the UK lottery game as with some other world lottery games, which means that there is rarely the big money on offer that people like to play for nowadays. However, this will all change for the weekend as the double rollover for the National Lottery gives UK players the chance to play for a whopping £12 million estimated jackpot in Saturday nights draw.

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$199 Million
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Obviously the lottery games that roll over regularly such as EuroMillions are more difficult to win and the fact that the National Lottery jackpot is very close to that of the EuroMillions we are highly likely see many players opt for the UK lottery game as their chances of winning are that much higher.

This is just the kind of boost that the National Lottery needs at the moment and should we dare to think that it could be possible for this lottery game to roll again after Saturdays draw, then the lottery fever that would hit the UK would be unprecedented.

This of course is just speculation and at the moment if you buy lottery tickets for the National Lottery, you may be wondering if you were lucky enough to win a prize of any kind on Wednesdays draw. If you have not yet checked your tickets then the winning numbers were 8, 11, 20, 33, 43, 47 and Bonus Ball 49.

So with £12 million up for grabs, the National Lottery has got to be the one to play in the UK this weekend.

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