Euromillions Reaches Cap

Wednesday July 6th 2011

Across Europe last night many a player clambered to check the EuroMillions results to see if they had become a member of the Rich List overnight but unfortunately, or is it fortunately? there were no Match 5 and 2 Lucky Star winners. This means that the Euromillions cap will be reached this Friday night. So how does this affect the prize fund and the amount of money available to all prize tiers? Already the jackpot is estimated at the cap amount, €185 million, but over the last few draws we have seen the estimated jackpot amount topped by a couple of million more.

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We could well be looking at a jackpot of about €190 million / £170 million so what happens to the money over and above the cap amount? Any prize fund generated by tickets sales for the Euromillions Lottery over and above the cap amount will automatically be rolled down the the next prize level that has produced winners. Although this is likely to be the Match 5 + 1 Lucky Star level, there have been occasions where there have been now winners in this tier which would mean the extra prize fund would roll down to the Match 5 winners. This will continue each week that the jackpot is not won with the jackpot remaining at €185 million until such time as a Match 5 + 2 winner/s is found. The jackpot then resets to €15 million and the roll downs cease.

Not only is this the first occasion that the Euromillions jackpot cap has been reached since its introduction on Friday 6th March 2009 but this is also the first time the jackpot has rolled an impressive 13 times. This obviously wasn't allowed before the rule change because prior to the Jackpot Cap being introduced, the Euromillions Lottery could only roll a maximum of twelve times.

As the world goes Euromillions Lottery mad and we all wait with baited breath to see if the jackpot is won on Friday, ensure that you are in with a chance by buying your tickets today.

Written by Samantha Jones

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