EuroMillions Superdraw is confirmed

Sunday September 13th 2009

There is some very exciting new for all lottery players who enjoy the chase of a massive prize, in that the EuroMillions Superdraw is confirmed at long last. The prize for this EuroMillions lottery draw is €100 million which is around £85 million. Obviously this is based on the current exchange which changes all of the time.

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You may remember that we brought news of this scheduled EuroMillions next Superdraw back on 5th August, when the reports were unconfirmed. Now that they are, we have brought that news to you as quickly as we can. The EuroMillions lottery draw is to take place this Friday 18th September and as with all large jackpots, ticket sales are likely to be unprecedented, so we advise you to buy lottery tickets as early as possible to avoid long queues at the retailers. Even better still, you can buy lottery tickets online for this EuroMillions Superdraw.

EuroMillions lottery superdraws are very special in that they only ever happen at best, twice a year. The jackpot never rolls over is simply allocated to the lower prize tier, if no one comes up with the winning number combination, so one way or another, this prize will be won. This in turn causes a ticket buying frenzy.

Obviously with such a huge prize on offer for the EuroMilllions Superdraw, the odds of getting a win are less favourable, but there are ways of increasing your chances of a win. This is usually by joining a  syndicate. This is something that a lot of people do for the larger lottery prizes as there is more money to share, should they be lucky enough to win.

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