Filipino Won $250,000 on the Mega Millions

Monday August 3rd 2009

Marialou Anobas now living in Baltimore County, describes herself as more than lucky.  The Filipino won $250,000 on the Mega Millions Lottery in Tuesdays draw and says what has happened to her in just one lifetime is down to more than luck.

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Marialou, a registered nurse, survived a bomb attack on a Kuwait hotel during the 1st Gulf war and has claimed her lottery win as part of a plan that someone has for her life which has lead from her home in the Philippines to her home now in the United States.

Marialou was just one number away from winning $60m on the Mega Millions, but is still thrilled with her win. After playing the lottery for more than 10 years, she has been longing to reunite family members who separated in the 1980 but had never been able to afford the placement fee.

Marialou, who works with the elderly at St Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center plans to keep her job but still intends to carry on playing the lottery. She will use her winnings to take her son and mother to the Philippines and to Disney World. She will also pay for her car and put some money aside for her son’s college fund then put the rest of the winnings away for a rainy day.

Anobas purchased her winning ticket from 7-Eleven in the 600 block of Compass Road, Baltimore and she is one of two state residents to win the second tier prize on the Mega Millions.

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