First raffle draw for Kansas Lottery

Saturday January 2nd 2010

We have seen many lottery operators worldwide offering some kind of raffle draw to their gaming structure over the festive period. Some have taken place over Christmas while other have chosen to schedule their draw over the New Year. The first raffle draw for the Kansas Lottery players took place on New Years Eve, which created one millionaire along with several other winners with this one off lottery game from the Kansas Lottery.

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$226 Million
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Tickets for this game from the Kansas Lottery cost $20 each and only had 150,000 of them sell. This of course makes the odds of winning any prize in this raffle game much higher than with any other lottery game from the Kansas Lottery. This is obviously very appealing to a lot of lottery players with one prize of $1 million, five prizes of  $50,000 and 500 of $500 prizes up for grabs. Lottery players would find the odds of winning for such fantastic cash prizes would be something worth playing for.

Many of these raffle games that have been introduce by the various lotteries have left many players disappointed when they have turned out to buy lottery tickets. With only a limited number being available, there simply haven’t been enough to go round. Of course some lottery players may ask, ‘why there is a limited amount available to buy’? The number of tickets available for these raffle games is what keeps the odds of winning high. If the Kansas Lottery or indeed any other lottery were to raise the amount of tickets available, the chances of winning would also become less.

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