Florida Lottery Jackpot Estimated at $45 Million

Wednesday December 14th 2011

On Saturday night the Florida Lottery weekend draw took place and yet again players failed to match the six numbers drawn to win the top prize. This means that the Florida Lottery has rolled over yet again and the jackpot is now estimated at $45 million. This current top prize has been rolling over since the 17th September 2011, meaning that it has now rolled over a total of 24 times, so the big question is will anyone win the Florida Lottery jackpot tonight or will it carry on remaining elusive?

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This current jackpot has already made Florida Lottery history and it hasn’t even been won yet. As stated above this top prize has rolled over 24 times, which means that is has surpassed the highest amount of rollovers this American lottery game has ever seen. Before this, the most amount of consecutive rollovers was 19, which finally paid out in April 2010.

In addition to that this current jackpot is the highest Florida Lottery jackpot that has been available to win this year. Previous to this, the largest top prize was $40 million and this was won on August 17th 2011.

The Florida Lottery mid-week draw will take place tonight and to win the jackpot players have to match all six of the main draw numbers. Although no one has managed this task for nearly three months, there are plenty of players that match five numbers. In Saturday’s draw there were 62 players who were one number off winning the jackpot, meaning that they took home the second tier prize which came out at $3,847.

The Florida jackpot is estimated at $45 million for tonight’s draw, so if you like the sound of winning the biggest jackpot of 2011 then have your tickets ready for this Wednesday night draw, and you never know you could match all of the numbers drawn in the Florida Lottery results and become a top prize winner!

Written by Brett Levenson

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