Florida Lottery Set For Overhaul

Wednesday August 3rd 2011

Sales are slowing as casinos and internet cafes lure players away from the Florida Lottery but officials are well aware of the downfalls of the state lottery and have everything in hand. The Florida Lottery is set for an overhaul which is to include a complete rebranding of the game but also an indepth review of how the Florida Lottery is run and what else can be done to drive up ticket sales and make the game more appealing to players.

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Despite the ticket sales for the fiscal year 30th June edging over $4 billion for the first time in four years, the Florida Lottery has still got a decline is ticket sale of 4% since 2007-2008. This is of course bad news for those seeking help from the Florida Lottery for education purposes as it means there is less money to go around and less help available.

Starting this fall, there will be several projects launched to help refresh interest in the Florida Lottery and one of the priorities will be a complete redesign of the Florida Lottery website and this is likely to begin late August.

The Florida Lottery is also likely to move into the so far unchartered territory of social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Considering that social media has become such a fast growing phenomenon over recent years, the Florida Lottery has missed the boat somewhat in not taking advantage sooner. This radical modernisation designed to increase lotto ticket sales and drive up revenue is likely to take some time, but players can expect to see some changes and benefits coming in the coming weeks.

Written by Brett Levenson

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