Florida Lottery player claims $50K a year

Monday June 13th 2011

It seems that you no longer have to buy a lottery ticket for a main draw to win big money these days. Scratch off tickets that give players the chance to win a set amount per year have become increasingly popular. The news that a Florida Lottery player claims $50K a year for life is just one more example of how big these lottery scratch off wins can actually be and why they are so popular.

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Roy Case of Jacksonville won his prize by playing the Lucky $200,000 a Year for Life scratch off game from the Florida Lottery. However, in this instance the winner chose to take the prize as a lump sum. This means that the total prize money that this Florida Lottery winner actually walked away with came to a total of $737,580.50.

Considering that this lottery winner is actually 52 years old, a lump sum was probably the best option for him and when players win these kinds of lottery prizes, their age is often a big factor when deciding how to claim their win.

This particular game from the Florida Lottery was launched back in January and offers top prizes of $200,000 per year for life and $50,000 per year for life and there is seven of each of these still to be won. The overall odds of winning a lottery prize with the Lucky $200,000 a Year for Life game is one in 2.94.

Roy Case purchased his winning scratch off lotto ticket from Kangaroo Express, 10910 Atlantic Boulevard in Jacksonville.

Written by Katelin Thompson

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