Florida Lottery winners' wife faces eviction

Thursday December 17th 2009

Two years ago, Donna Campbell discovered her husband had and won the lottery and kept it from her. Today the Florida Lottery winners’ wife faces eviction after her husband left following the win, leaving her penniless. Despite an ongoing legal battle, the lottery winner remains illusive and Donna Campbell continues the search for her husband in a bid to sue him for divorce and claim a share of his $449.511.95 lottery win.

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He won a $19 million lottery jackpot with a syndicate and is thought to have walked away with the above share after taxes.

Donna only discovered her husband had won the Florida Lottery after he had begun acting strangely and refused to have the television on. Knowing that he liked to gamble, she did a google search on the internet only to find that he, along with six other mechanics had won the Florida Lottery. When she confronted her husband about the win, he claimed he had bought the lottery ticket for his daughter from a previous marriage. Of course Donna did not believe this story about the lottery win and this has since proved not to be the case.

When people buy lottery tickets, many often do so with the intention of making life better for their partner and families should they win. This is a view which Donna herself also holds. Herself and her husband have often gambled together and shared their winnings with each other. Instead she has found that despite her husbands' huge Florida Lottery win, she has had to rent out rooms in the house to make ends meet, but the mortgage has not been being paid hence the eviction notice.

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