Florida Lottery wins from store neighbours

Wednesday December 9th 2009

There have been many coincidences surrounding lottery wins and draws over the years, the biggest one being that of the Bulgarian Lottery, when the same numbers were drawn two weeks running. The latest is the news of Florida Lottery wins from store neighbours. It would be considered a coincidence for two tickets from the same town to share a lottery jackpot...

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but an even bigger fluke that the two stores that sold the winning lottery tickets are less that a quarter of a mile apart.

These two winning Florida Lottery ticket were for the Fantasy 5 game and both winning sets of lottery numbers were hand chosen, meaning that they were not Quick Picks. Both of these winning lottery tickets were bought in Port Richey, one from the Publix  near Regency Park Boulevard and the other from Racetrac gas station, both on Ridge Road.

The winning numbers for both of these winning Fantasy 5 tickets from the Florida Lottery were 5, 9, 12, 22 and 33, with the draw taking place on Saturday. The Fantasy 5 lottery jackpot stood at a staggering $261,139,66 with each winner bagging a share of $130,569.83.

When people buy lottery tickets, they rarely even dream of one winner in their home town, never mind two. We may see in an increase in ticket sales in Port Richey for the next few weeks, with many people feeling that it is a lucky place to play the lottery. However, as we all know, this kind of occurrence is a lottery in itself and not something that is likely to happen again in the foreseeable future.

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