How to Win Saturday's $510 Million Powerball Jackpot

Thursday August 17th 2017

It can’t have escaped the notice of keen lottery enthusiasts that the Powerball jackpot has skyrocketed over the last few weeks and now sits at a colossal $510 million. This huge amount of money is just waiting to be won, so how exactly do you go about landing the jackpot?

Why is the Jackpot so Big?

The Powerball jackpot has been on the rise since Saturday June 10th, when California resident Jeff Lindsay landed a top prize worth $447.8 million; that’s an incredible run of 19 consecutive rollovers. If won, the current jackpot would see any lucky ticket holder claim the fifth largest prize since Powerball was first launched in 1992 and the eighth biggest sum in U.S. lottery history.      

Taking Part

Taking part in the draw could not be simpler. You can purchase a ticket for just $2 from any authorized retailer in participating states and jurisdictions. All you need to do is select five main numbers from a pool of 1 to 69 and a single Powerball number from a separate pool of 1 to 26. You can also opt to take part in the Power Play game for a small additional fee; this allows you to increase the value of any non-jackpot prize. Once you are happy with your selection, all you need to do is pay for your entry.

Alternatively, you can pick your numbers online. This is a convenient way of taking part in every Powerball draw and can be done from home or on the move - you can also participate from anywhere in the world. The number selection process is exactly the same as purchasing a physical ticket, but instead of receiving a playslip, you will be sent an email confirming your choice of numbers. However you choose to take part, your odds of winning the jackpot are exactly the same.

Checking Your Numbers

With such a hefty sum of money on offer, Saturday night’s draw is certain to attract a lot of interest. The drawing will take place at 10:59 EST in Tallahassee, Florida, and winning numbers are available to view on the night. When it comes to checking your numbers, it’s important to be thorough as even the slightest error could be the difference between claiming your Powerball prize and missing out on a substantial slice of prize money.

Claiming the Jackpot

While the odds of winning the Powerball jackpot stand at one in 292,201,338, it is not insurmountable, meaning you could be celebrating a life-changing win this weekend. If you think that you have won the jackpot, you need to sign the back of your ticket and store it in a safe place before contacting your state’s lottery office as soon as possible. If you chose your numbers online, you will be contacted by the service through which you staked.

Once you have made contact with a lottery official, you must choose how you would like to receive your prize. You can opt to take your reward in a cash lump sum of around $324.2 million or hold out for the full amount in annuity over the course of 29 years. It might also be worth seeking financial advice to help you handle such a gigantic sum.   

So, now you know exactly what to do, there is no excuse not to take part in this Saturday’s Powerball draw. Good luck! 

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