Iowa Lottery offering scratch off bonus

Wednesday December 30th 2009

Various lottery games have added seasonal holiday scratch off games to their gaming structure this year but the news of the Iowa Lottery offering scratch off bonus to their players will be welcomed in the state by many players. The Iowa lottery are urging lottery players not to dispose of their losing seasonal scratch off tickets as they could use them to give themselves another shout at winning some kind of prize.

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The Chief Executive of the Iowa Lottery has announced that electronics and other cash prizes could be won by entering the serial numbers of losing seasonal scratchcards onto the Iowa Lottery website for the promotion called ‘Tech the Halls’. Lottery players have until 3rd January to enter their losing scratch off serial numbers for a draw which will take place on 5th January. The winning serial numbers for this draw from the Iowa Lottery will be announced online.

With some seasonal scratch off  tickets still available at retail outlets, players of the Iowa Lottery may want to consider these when they buy lottery tickets now that there is an extra chance off winning a prize if they lose, with this new promotion.

There is also another promotion which is running  with the Iowa  and Kansas Lotteries jointly, which players may want to look at while they are visiting the site to register their losing ticket serial numbers. This game is called the Midwest Millions ticket, where players are given two chances to win. Details of this promotional game can be found on the Iowa Lottery website.

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