Irish Lottery rollover

Thursday April 15th 2010

As if European lottery players hadn’t got enough excitement this week with the massive rollover jackpots produced by the National lottery, SuperEnalotto and EuroMillions. We can bring you the news that after rolling over for many weeks the Irish Lottery rollover jackpot is worth €16 million for the next draw which will take place this evening. This means that it will be going head to head with the National Lottery draw which will also take place this evening, so we can expect a very exciting evening ahead of us.

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$75 Million
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The Irish Lottery began in March 1987 and runs in a similar way to that of the National Lottery in that it uses some of its revenue to support good causes and projects in Ireland. The Irish Lottery also participates in the EuroMillions so the people of Ireland have the same double whammy as English players this week in that they have both rollover games to take part in.

Those of you who buy lottery tickets for the Irish Lottery will need to match three numbers to win a prize of €5 but all six numbers will need to be matched to win tonight’s €16 million jackpot.

The current Irish Lottery jackpot record stands at €16 million, which is matched for the draw tonight. If no one matches the winning numbers this evening and the jackpot were to rollover again, then we would see a new record for the Irish lottery and being the patriotic nation that they are, we could expect to see lottery fever in Ireland reach an all time high.

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