Irish Lottery win approved

Thursday July 30th 2009

Dermot Finglas has eventually had his Irish Lottery win approved by the National Lottery HQ. Mr Finglas, who won €350,000, was originally turned away without his win as officials needed to make certain clarifications, but now it is official and Mr Finglas has been able to claim his prize as all of the outstanding queries regarding his win have now been answered.

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When Mr Finglas originally made his claim for his Irish Lottery win, questions were raised when it was discovered that he had accidentally left the ticket in the shop from where he had purchased it. Had it not been for the honesty of the shop owner and the evidence provided by CCTV footage, Mr Finglas might never have been proved to be the rightful owner of the ticket and may not ever have been able to make his claim for the €350,000 prize. Due to the misplacement of the ticket, official had to make certain of the rightful owner of the winning ticket before paying out, leaving Mr Finglas disappointed at having to leave the National lottery HQ without his win.

Now that the claim has been validated, Mr Finglas can now start to enjoy his lottery win in style, as he is now €350,000 richer. However, had it not been for the honesty shown by the shop owner it might have been a totally different story.

With more and more tickets being misplaced and lost it is now highly recommended that wherever possible, that player try to buy lottery tickets online to reduce the risk of disputes.

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