Israel Lottery largest prize

Friday April 16th 2010

After finally checking a lottery ticket which was four months old, buried beneath a pile of papers and forms in their home, a couple claim the Israel Lottery's largest prize of $20/£13 million. The couple attended a press conference in Tel Aviv on Tuesday wearing masks to hide their faces, which is something that Israel often does to protect the identities of Israeli Lottery winners. The lottery prize is subject to 25% in Israel, so the winners can expect to take home around $15 million or just under £10 million.

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On discovering the winning lottery ticket, the winners then proceeded to take the ticket back to the store from which it was purchased to have it checked and they recall counting the zeros with the clerk to establish how much they had actually won on the Israeli Lottery.

Had the wife not pushed her husband to find and check the Israeli Lottery tickets, this could have been quite a different story as we have seen many times before. So often people buy lottery tickets, mislay them or forget about them prompting the surprisingly high amount of appeals for winners to come forward that various world lottery organisations find themselves sending out.

Thankfully the Israeli Lottery winners discovered their winning ticket in time which is even more of a blessing considering they have made history by winning the highest ever lottery prize in Israel. The couple have absolutely no idea as to how they are going to spend their newfound wealth, but there are bound to be various organisations and advisors to point them in the right direction and make sure that they spend or invest their lottery win wisely.

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