Jackpot Finally Won in Ohio Classic Lottery

Tuesday October 25th 2011

It has definitely been a long time coming but the jackpot has finally been won in the Ohio Classic Lottery. Last night the Monday draw took place and no longer can this American Lottery jackpot keep rolling over. The top prize reached an impressive $50.4 million after it has been rolling since May 5th 2010 – that’s means it has rolled over more than 200 hundred times! It is unknown yet as to whether there was more than one winning ticket in this Ohio Lottery but whoever the winner – or winners are, they should be very happy with themselves.

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The results from last night’s draw were 7, 11, 13, 14, 23 and 42. Looking at these winning numbers it seems relatively apparent as to why the jackpot has been scooped up last night. Bar the number 42 all of the other numbers are situated towards the lower end of the scale so when players select their numbers based on calendar events such as birthdays or anniversary’s they are more likely to pick the numbers that fall below 31.

These results also show that the number 13 (which can be unlcuky for some) was drawn out and this is in fact one of the most common picked out numbers to appear in the Ohio Classic Lottery. It has been drawn out 101 times out of the 754 draws that this American Lottery has had.

The last time the Ohio Classic lottery jackpot was won happened last year. On May 3rd 2010 one winning ticket matched up all of the six winning numbers to walk away with the top prize of $9.2 million. Ever since then the jackpot has rolled over – so to win this top prize last night and match the results was not only a good thing for the winner but it has also made history for the Ohio Classic Lottery as it is the most amount of rollovers to ever happen!

Written by Brett Levenson


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