Jobless man gets a lottery jackpot share

Friday October 2nd 2009

Jim McGrail was one of nine National Lottery syndicate members who scooped a £4.5 million win last weekend. After being  made redundant three months ago, the jobless man gets a lottery jackpot share after the syndicate had an outright jackpot win on the UK National Lottery.

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The syndicate who are drinking pals at a pub in South Lanarkshire will each get approximately £500,000 each from this fantastic Lottery win and toasted with champagne and beer after collecting their massive cheque from Camelot in Glasgow.

The other lottery winners in this syndicate are a driving instructor, Bobby Mclauchlan, sales manager, Iain Macdonald, brothers Sandy and William Morton, along with Jim Mcgrail. The other four UK National Lottery winners from this syndicate wish to remain anonymous.

At first the lottery syndicate members thought they had won only a few thousand at best when one of the members who was writing down the  numbers on a beer mat, accidentally wrote down 22 instead of 32. Thinking they had only matched five numbers instead of six, they must have been ecstatic upon realising their mistake.

Having recently ditched their usual numbers in favour of the lucky dip, the 9 men are naturally delighted that they had chosen to change the way in which they pick their lottery numbers. Perhaps they may think about changing the way they buy lottery tickets in the future in a bid to create another good omen for National Lottery success.

The next National Lottery jackpot  for the 3rd October draw is an estimated £4.4 million.


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