Kentucky Lottery approves MegaMillions

Thursday December 10th 2009

The Kentucky Lottery approves MegaMillions to join their list of lottery games following an agreement being passed allowing all states to cross sell tickets for both PowerBall and MegaMillions. Recently we have seen a string of states make announcements that they have chosen to take advantage of this option.

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The two biggest lottery games in the US are the multi state  lottery games, PowerBall and MegaMillions. Up until an agreement was passed recently, participating lottery states were only able to offer lottery players one or the other of these lottery games.

This move now means that Kentucky lottery players can buy lottery tickets for both PowerBall and MegaMillions from the end on January 2010 without having  to make cross border purchases from other participating lottery states.

Lottery draws for the MegaMillions take place on Tuesday and Friday evenings and PowerBall lottery draws on Wednesday and Saturday evenings. Tickets for each game will cost lottery players $1 each.

Up until now the PowerBall was the larger of the two multi state games as it was played in 31 states, frequently boasting the higher jackpots while the MegaMillions had 12 participating states. However, with many of the states now opting to take on both of these lottery games, it seems that the number of participating states in each of them will eventually even out and we could eventually expect to see both of these multi state lottery games, frequently averaging similar jackpot amounts as more states choose the cross selling option.

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