Kentucky Lottery Launches New Quick Bucks Game

Tuesday February 26th 2019

The president of the Kentucky Lottery is confident that the state’s new Quick Bucks game will prove to be a hit with players. It is the state’s first new draw game in seven years and will be played every day of the week, with a top prize of $50,000.

How Quick Bucks Will Work

To play Quick Bucks, you must select four numbers from 1 to 31 and a Kentucky Ball from a separate set between 1 and 5. The order that the four main numbers are printed on your ticket will be randomly assigned by the computer when you make your purchase.

When the drawing takes place, at 11:00pm Eastern Time every night, you win prizes for matching your numbers to the winning numbers drawn. If you match the four main numbers in the exact order they are drawn, you receive $1,000. If you also match the Kentucky Ball, you win the jackpot of $50,000.

If you match the four main numbers in any order, you win $50, while this will be doubled if you also match the Kentucky Ball. There are also prizes for matching two or three of the main numbers, with different awards available depending on whether you match them in order or not.

Numbers Matched In The Exact Order? Prize
4 + Kentucky Ball Yes $50,000
4 Yes $1,000
4 + Kentucky Ball No $100
4 No $50
3 + Kentucky Ball Yes $80
3 Yes $40
3 + Kentucky Ball No $14
3 No $7
2 + Kentucky Ball Yes $12
2 Yes $6
2 + Kentucky Ball No $3
2 No $2
Kentucky Ball N/A $2

You can also win $2 for matching just the Kentucky Ball, and a unique feature of Quick Bucks is that you can place a $5 Wheel Bet which guarantees that you will win at least $2. With a Wheel Bet, you will play all five Kentucky Balls alongside your four main numbers to give you five chances to win.

Quick Bucks is available now at all Kentucky Lottery retailers for just $1 per play. There has been no announcement yet about whether the Kentucky Lottery will add it to its range of online lotteries.

‘Helping To Send Kids To College’

The first Quick Bucks drawing took place on Sunday 24th February, and officials have high hopes that it will help the Kentucky Lottery go from strength to strength. Tom Delacenserie, CEO and president of the Kentucky Lottery, said: “We hope players like this new draw game, and I think the Wheel Bet is going to be a unique component they’ll really respond to.”

Delacenserie added: “As is the case with everything we do, any additional revenue we can generate from new games like this helps send kids to college. That’s a motivator which drives us every day.”

The Kentucky Lottery has raised more than $5.2 billion for education since 1989, funding a variety of programs across the state to help students take advantage of more opportunities and achieve their ambitions. Out of every $1 spent on lottery games, $0.26 goes towards these good causes or the state’s general fund.

Kentucky also offers Pick 3, Pick 4, CashBall 225 and 5 Card Cash as nightly draw games, while multi-state lotteries Powerball, Mega Millions and Lucky for Life can also be played in the state twice a week. Find out more about how to play in Kentucky.

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