Leucky $250k win for Idaho Lottery player

Wednesday March 30th 2011

Lady luck was certainly smiling on Idaho resident Roni Leuck last Friday when she bought a newly released instant lottery ticket called Silver and Gold. The mortgage lender, who describes herself as a regular lottery player, said she’d bought two lottery scratchcards that day, but had waited until the evening to see if she’d won anything.

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She said: "I was spending the night at a friend’s cabin and around midnight started scratching the two tickets.

"I won $20 on the first ticket. Then I matched the number 30 on my second ticket. When I scratched the prize amount, I couldn’t believe it."

Ms Leuck had beaten odds of more than 106,000 to one and managed to find one of the game’s two jackpot prizes, instantly becoming a quarter of a million dollars richer.

"I started yelling to my friend to come in and look," she added. "We both started screaming!"

Speaking to Idaho Lottery officials following her big win, Ms Leuck said she’ll spend some of her money paying off bills and debts, while a chunk will go towards a holiday to Cancun, Mexico, in the spring.

"Airfares to Cancun were getting pretty expensive," she said. "We were talking about cancelling the trip, but right after my friend and I realised I had the big winner, we looked at each other, high-fived and yelled, ‘Airfare!’ at the same time."

Written by Samantha Jones

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