Lottery funding for Bletchley Park

Wednesday September 30th 2009

Not so long ago we brought news to you about how National Lottery funding was helping to fund the task of preparing some Anglo-Saxon jewellery, that was discovered in a field to go on public view. It is pleasing to see that the  Heritage Lottery Fund has come up trumps again by allocating a sum of £500,000 in National Lottery funding for Bletchley Park, a WWII secret code-breaking hub in Northamptonshire. 

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This recent allocation of UK National Lottery funding is to be used to turn the historical site into a heritage and educational centre.

Without lottery funding the preservation of much of the history within the UK would not be possible and Bletchley Park is a very important part of the UK’s heritage.

The re-vamp of the site is expected to cost in the region of £10 million. Although the National Lottery funding is an extremely large amount, there is still a long way to go financially before the project will be complete. However, this National Lottery funding is a huge stepping stone for the project.

It will be pleasing for many lottery players to know that when they buy lottery tickets  there is a lot more to the lottery than just spending money on tickets and trying to win. Each and every time we spend our money on the lottery, there will always be a cause of some kind that will benefit from our support to the National Lottery. Causes of this kind are not just of benefit to one or two people, but the whole country.

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