Lottery scam warning issued

Wednesday October 7th 2009

We always try to keep up to date with date with the various lottery scams in operation throughout the world. We have, on several occasions brought news to you on vulnerable people being conned out of their life savings at the hands of ruthless scam merchants. Today we bring you news of a lottery scam warning issued by the Washington Lottery.

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This email is made to look as if it is a genuine and from  MegaMillions, claiming that the recipients e-mail address had been selected as one of the jackpot winners for a huge lottery prize. It then goes on to ask the recipient to fill out a claim form asking for personal information.

This is quite a common type of method used by lottery scammers but this particular one is a new one circulating for the MegaMillions and the Washington Lottery would just like to remind people that lottery winners are never informed of any win by email, nor are they ever asked for personal information via email or over the phone to enable you to claim a lottery win.

There is only one way that you can win a MegaMillions prize and that is to buy lottery tickets in the normal way, either online or via a licensed lottery retailer. Any other communication informing you of a lottery win are scams.

Although lottery officials are continuously warning of these scams it seems that people are still frequently falling victim to them. If you are ever in doubt, always check with your lottery organizer.

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