Lottery winner moves to a five bedded farmhouse

Monday October 12th 2009

74 year old grandfather Brian Caswell became Britain’s 3rd largest lottery winner four months ago, when he won a massive £25 million on the EuroMillions lottery. After living in his terraced property for almost half a century, Brian Caswell finally call time on his former home and the allotment to which he was devoted  for many years, and now the lottery winner moves to a five bedded farmhouse, worth £1.25 million along with his wife Joan.

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The gated property, which boasts stunning views of the West Pennine moors is just few miles from the home in Bolton which the couple shared before this fantastic EuroMillions lottery win.

Since his EuroMillions win, Brian Caswell has also bought homes for his two daughters which are close to the new home which he now shares with his wife, but it is good to see that some tradition still remains within the life of the lottery winner. He still takes an elderly neighbour shopping to Morrison every week and his wife is said to have been driving around in her old Kia car, despite the Range Rover now sitting in the garage of their new home.

Mr Caswell still continues to buy lottery tickets each week, and although a little neglected since his lottery win, he still continues to tend his allotment and has, for the moment put it to bed for the winter.

The jackpot for the EuroMillions next drawing is currently standing at £39 million.

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