Lotto 649 rises again

Saturday March 20th 2010

The Canadian Lottery game, Lotto 649, rises again after no players matched the winning numbers for the draw held on 17th March 2010. This means that this lottery game has reached a massive CAN$41 million for the next draw which will be held on Saturday 20th March. This new high will probably make this the most popular lottery game to play this weekend, especially on the western side of the Atlantic, as no other game jackpot, either in the US or Canada is anywhere near Lotto 6/49 this weekend.

Next Estimated Jackpot:
$226 Million
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Lotto 649 is a relatively standard game from the Canadian Lottery in which player need to pick six numbers from a pool of 49 and match them to win the jackpot, hence the reason it is called Lotto 649. So the fact that this game is still rolling over is not because it is particularly difficult to win in comparison to other games, but just simply that players have not been lucky enough to pick the correct numbers.

Of course no lottery game including Lotto 649 are easy to win and this is why we see such huge jackpots even when they are not rolled over.

On the other side of the Atlantic the Italian game, SuperEnalotto is one of the most difficult to win and this lottery game also has a draw on Saturday. After rolling over for a few weeks, people who choose to buy lottery tickets for this game will be playing for a massive €50.1 million. Although higher than Lotto 649, we do not expect SuperEnalotto to win the popularity stakes just yet as the odds for the Canadian game are much more favourable.

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